25 September 2018, Full Moon in 1° Aries

It is quite significant. The Sun in the 1st House (The House of I) right across the Moon. As if the I part of us challenges our emotions through others. The Sun sends vibes of wisdom to the earth while the Moon, just like a child, wants and wants…

In order to experience our own being, we initially need our own self, our own body and the awareness of ourselves and we also need others, to engage, we seek contact. In an astrology chart, the impulses, instincts and deep emotions lie where the Moon is and the identity, character and our way of experiencing our own being is ruled by the Sun. So, the full moon asks the question the skies have been asking all throughout this year for one last time, this time in a very clear and harsh manner: “Who are you and who do you want to be?”

The positive aspects of the Moon with the North Node, now in 2° in Leo and the Sun with the South Node, now in 2° Aquarius and Mars right next to it; give us a boost to take us to our life purpose, to manifest our own being in the way we deserve by using our life experiences and our deepest emotions, our insights and lessons we have learned from our scars positively. But be aware, the usual methods of Mars are not so useful anymore!

The fact that Mercury is next to the Sun, as well as supporting us to express ourselves in kindness especially in our family, in our home and intimate relationships, forces us to express our emotions too. It is not always easy, is it, to express our emotions freely? Especially in our most intimate relationships. Fear of losing, feelings of unworthiness and insecurity and most of the time the fact that not being able to be aware of our own feelings, all of these, stand as a burden towards expressing our emotions. But you know, anger is not the only way of expressing emotions. Showing our vulnerable parts can actually deepen our relationships although sometimes it can break our hearts but well, life is a risk, is it not? At times, a broken heart can in fact be valuable since it guides us through the right track in the long term. Uranus, nowadays, is waiting for opportunities to shake our deepest hide-aways, create earthquakes in our souls while Venus is also laying for our perception of self-worth and how much we can receive and give what life offers us. She will be soon retrograding, God knows what plans she is making now.

It is time to be wise. To be wise, to get in touch with our feelings, to be good samaritans, to be honest, invest in ourselves by reading, travelling, helping others. The doors are always open for the ones who seek for it.

OK, it is time to grow, for all of us.

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